Request for Sponsorship Application

The David Glasser Foundation is committed to our mission of providing opportunities for children and their families to connect with law enforcement through community activities.  This year, we think it is more important than ever to expand that impact by supporting other programs and non profits that align with our vision and mission. 

The David Glasser foundation is proud to support local programs and non-profit organizations in the Greater Phoenix area through sponsorships and partnerships.

Our primary focus is supporting programs which target children, combining sports and/or similar group activities and building relationships with law enforcement. We believe this is the foundation to build highly productive citizens in society.  If you or your organization have a fall/winter 2020 program that aligns with these values, apply for a sponsorship today.  

After submission, your organization will receive a response within 45 days. Funding decisions are based on the quality of the applicant programs and alignment with the David Glasser Foundations areas of focus. Additional considerations include the scope of each program, overall impact on the community and current availability of support resources. Preference may also be given to programs that provide a unique service, not being duplicated in the area.
We do not typically support the following:

  • Organizations located outside of the Greater Phoenix area
  • Requests benefitting only one individual person
  • Organizations that discriminate
  • Endowment funds or foundations
  • Religious or political organizations

This will be the first time The David Glasser Foundation provides a formal sponsorship application process.  We hope to build successful collaborations and continue the process twice annually.